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Introducing SwiftML

Custom machine learning for all developers

SwiftML represents the next leap forward for the democratization of machine learning. You can train and perform inference on custom neural networks using the language and tooling that you already know via an API that feels instantly familiar. Accelerate the process with the powerful CPU, GPU, and ANE that you already have in your Mac. Break free from the rigid bounds of task-specific training environments without sacrificing ease of use. Take your intelligent apps to the next level; with SwiftML, every developer can be a machine-learning engineer.

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Our Projects

For Users

Tubes Coming Soon
The totally tubular YouTube viewer

Watch YouTube with native, well designed viewing and browsing experiences.

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Tetris, but with text!

Play Tetris with colorful ASCII-art graphics in your terminal.

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Wi-Fi Pass
Share Wi-Fi, not passwords

Give guests expiring access to your Wi-Fi network, no passwords required.

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Fly High VR
Soar through pipes in VR

Take to the skies, avoid obstacles, and use power-ups with Google Cardboard.

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Fly High AR
Soar through pipes in AR

Take to the skies, soar through pipes, and avoid obstacles in augmented reality.

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VideoComp AR
AR videos with special effects

Record stunning videos with 3D special effects in augmented reality.

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DIY iBeacon platform

Easily configure your own low-cost iBeacon with Raspberry Pi.

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Binary Shark
Easy DigitalOcean management

Manage your DigitalOcean account from iPhone and Apple Watch.

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MLGrammar Coming Soon
Offline, private grammar checks

Check English grammar offline while maintaining your privacy.

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For Developers

OnboardingKit Updated
Declarative onboarding flows for Swift apps
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JSONParser Updated
Elegant, type-safe JSON parsing in Swift
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SwiftML New
Train neural networks with hardware acceleration in Swift
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